Physical Therapy 

 At Dr. Lee Health & Wellness in Waterloo, we offer physical therapy to address musculoskeletal injuries and treat different chronic conditions, using different modalities like radial shockwave therapy and magnetic field therapy.

Each part of your body has a meridian that regulates blood flow within it. A technique like magnetic field therapy can reset this flow, if it’s out of balance, by simulating a small magnetic field in the region. Shockwave therapy works in a similar way. In addition to these techniques, our treatment methods often include regular exercise regimes to help with rehabilitation.

Why choose physical therapy?

Radial shockwave therapy and pulsed magnetic field therapy are great adjunct therapies for helping the body get past the “healing crisis”, when dealing with a chronic or difficult condition. The process is similar to pressing the hard reset on your phone or computer when it’s frozen or stuck in a loop—sometimes a nervous system reboot is necessary to remind the body to move onto the recovery stage.

The technique for Pulsed Radial Shockwave Therapy was discovered during the Second World War. Scientists began to realize that waves of various sizes and amplitudes carry an enormous amount of energy. At first, this energy was used for destructive purposes, but it was gradually refined to have more constructive applications in the fields of health and healing.

The first clinical application of Pulsed Radial Shockwave Therapy took place in the 1990’s using high ultrasonic sound waves to break up renal calculi (kidney stones) without surgery. Today, the technique has a 95% success rate when applied to musculoskeletal conditions, including neck and low back pain, tennis elbow, knee and hip pain, plantar fasciitis, repetitive strain and sprain injuries, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Although Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy has been widely adopted in Europe for some time, it has taken a while to catch on in North America. Recent studies have shown that magnetic field therapy is very effective for accelerating the healing process for bone fractures and soft tissue in both humans and animals. It is also an effective alternative for treating depression and other mental health issues.

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