Repetitive Strain Injury: The Modern Affliction

Did you know that repetitive strain injury has been described as the 20th century disease? Now, with the constant use of handsets, tablets, phones and the popularity of wearable technology, it has leapfrogged into the 21st century ailment as well!

Chronic repetitive strain to our neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and the rest of our body—termed “micro trauma”—sends more people to my office than any other injury or single episode.

Hi, I’m Dr. Feng Lee and my passion is Chiropractic.

My desire is to see everybody who suffers from this debilitating condition find lasting and long-term relief. My experience as a chiropractor has shown me that repetitive strain injury is an all-too-common ailment. In fact, a new medical condition—coined “text neck” from constant use of our smartphones—has entered the collective consciousness in the past few years. When you think about it, are we really that ‘smart’ to end up with this condition in the first place?

I hope the growing awareness around “text neck” will bring it and similar repetitive strain injuries into the spotlight and encourage people to seek treatment for these conditions. But here’s the real question: How can chiropractic care help my chronic and recurring injury—whether it may be from using technology or from swinging a golf club on the 9th hole?  

My favorite answer is that “I do what I need to do to get you to where you need to be, so that you can get back into the most important game of all….the game of life!” That means using a toolkit of different techniques that include chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture and more. Whichever method fits your specific situation, I will do what I need to do. That’s my promise to you!

This is where the “art” of healing is applied.  Stay tuned to my next blog post as I describe how we can take your current health turn it around and make it into a “masterpiece”.

Contact me to learn more about how I treat “text neck” and other repetitive strain injuries in the Waterloo Region.

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