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Do you have chronic pain in your lower back? Aches in your legs from sitting at your desk for long periods of time? Carpal tunnel from typing? These are just a few of the common health conditions that our team treats on almost a daily basis. Health issues like these are increasingly prevalent today, as a result of modern working conditions.

At Dr. Lee’s Health & Wellness Centre in Waterloo, we specialize in treating difficult chronic health problems and getting people back to where they need to be. We understand that medical conditions like back pains and headaches can often lead to a more serious disease if they are left untreated for too long. Our goal in treating theses common medical symptoms is to get your body back in balance—and it’s what we’re best at!

To learn more about how we address these common health conditions, give us a call to book an appointment. Dr. Lee is an open book—and very happy to chat about his approach with new clients!

1. Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is frequently a result of health issues with the lumbar spine, such as sciatica or a herniated disc. Medical problems associated with the low back are common at all ages: younger adults and teenagers can suffer from lower back pain as a result of sports injuries or physical trauma (i.e. a car accident), while older adults are more likely to develop it from the repetitive strain of heavy lifting or from an unhealthy posture at work. Seniors often experience lower back pain as a result of degenerating discs in their spine.

Our team is very experienced at dealing with these medical issues using a variety of techniques like chiropractic, acupuncture and physical therapy. We can provide an accurate diagnosis of your health condition and get back to your best self!

2. Headaches

Headaches are one of the most common health problems that we encounter in our day-to-day practice. They can range from migraines to milder sinus headaches. But what causes headaches? We’ve found that chronic migraine symptoms or tension headaches are often symptoms of an underlying problem. A variety of factors could trigger them, such as poor posture, stress, changes in sleep or your diet. We frequently see them together with other spinal problems, such as lower back pain. Our team will employ a range of techniques like chiropractic care and acupuncture to help provide alleviation from headaches.

3. Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is experienced as feelings of numbness or tingling in your hand and wrist area, caused by damage to the median nerve. It is frequently the result of repetitive strain to the wrist. If you spend long periods of time at a computer typing, then this is likely to be the issue. Carpal tunnel treatment can be a straightforward case of using a wrist support with your keyboard or it can be more in-depth, involving acupuncture, chiropractic care and exercises for strengthening the wrist.

4. Leg Pain

Chronic leg pain is often linked to health problems with your lower spine, such as sciatica or a herniated disc. If you have aching legs then the best course of action is to talk to a professional like Dr. Lee. He will be able to dig into your medical history and find the relevant information to offer a diagnosis. This health condition lends itself well to treatment through chiropractic care, acupuncture, physical therapy or some combination of the three.

5. Hip Pain

As with legs, hip pain is commonly associated with sciatica—although it can be the result of other medical conditions. Seniors often experience arthritis in the hip joints or the groin area. Hip problems can also be the rest of an old or newly healing hip fracture. The alternative health care techniques practiced by Dr. Lee and the rest of his team can readily address all of these issues.

Aside from these 5 common health conditions, the approach taken by Dr. Lee is well-adapted to address a number of men’s health and women’s health issues. Our holistic approach can also alleviate mental health problems like anxiety or depression.

If you have any concerns related to health and disease, contact our team in Waterloo today to book an appointment. Get back to where you need to be!

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