Read testimonials from current clients at Dr. Lee Health & Wellness Centre in Waterloo to learn more about us:

“Dr. Feng Lee has been a vital part of my health wellness team for over 5 years. Accurate diagnoses are quickly completed to implement effective treatments. Re-assessments are routinely conducted to deal with changes. Exercises are recommended to complement in-office treatments. The administrative staff are outstanding at synching Dr. Lee’s calendar with my schedule. Dr. Lee’s superb adjustments are key to keeping my back on the golf course & out of the surgeon’s office.”

—Jeff A. Heimpel, UTS Consultants Inc.

“Doctor Lee was just beginning his professional career as a Chiropractor when I first met him at the Heritage Health Centre. The massage therapist I went to had resigned, so they asked if I would consider an appointment with the new chiropractor. Lucky for me, I said ‘sure, why not’ and here I am fifteen years later with Dr. Lee as my chiropractor and natural medicine practitioner.

Dr. Lee is a kind, caring and compassionate doctor. His patients’ health is his main priority and he takes the time to listen, a very important step to improve one’s health. When leaving from your appointment you feel both physically and mentally rejuvenated.

I live in Listowel, a drive approximately ¾ of an hour one way for my appointment even though we have 2 or 3 chiropractors in this town. Dr. Lee is truly worth the extra miles. What a wonderful world this would be if we had more Dr. Lees.”

—Donna McMillan

“Nineteen years ago I was looking for a chiropractor and my sister, who was a patient at Heritage Health Centre, mentioned there was a chiropractor who had started a new practice at the Health Centre. I called, made an appointment and have been going to Dr. Lee ever since. He is a dedicated professional who goes the extra mile to make sure his patients have the best care possible.

His knowledge of the human structure and how it functions is truly amazing. Dr. Lee’s genuine concern for his patients, as well as their families, is a true statement of the kind of compassionate person he is. Thanks for your dedication.”

—Dianne Thompson

“I initially came to see Dr. Lee in December, 2015, after several months of physiotherapy from being rear-ended in a vehicle collision. Prior to this I had sworn I would never see a chiropractor again as a result of many bad experiences I had in the past, but a friend “very” highly recommended Dr. Lee. When I realized I hadn’t received any “real lasting” relief from physiotherapy I decided to give him a try, besides, my insurance company was still offering a substantial amount of money towards this form of medical assistance and I really did not know where else to go for help.

On our first visit he had me get new x-rays and proceeded to explain in very simple, understandable language what my neck/shoulder problem was, how it compared with “normal” and what he was going to do about it and all the time assuring me that he could help me to have lasting relief from this problem.

I am writing this in early April after about 3 months of chiropractic treatment (about 2 months at twice a week and the last 6 weeks once a week).

I am a professional real estate appraiser for the last 25+ years which means that most of my time in a workday is spent writing reports at a desk and prior to my accident I had been suffering from some chronic neck and shoulder ache which was accentuated by my accident. Today, my posture has improved greatly. My quality of life has improved tremendously as a result of this treatment and I look forward to improvement in other physical movement related areas with continued visits. Dr. Lee also offers a very discreet, respectful, non-denominational spiritual component to every visit which I found complements his courteous and encouraging nature.

I have no doubt that I have found “my” chiropractor.”


“I have been coming to Dr. Lee for approx. 8 years. In the years prior, I had received standard chiropractic care but it did not fulfil my needs to the extent that was required as my conditions evolved.

I decided it was time for a change and I began my search for a different standard of treatment and approach to my well-being. This resulted in a consultation with Dr. Lee and I can say it was and has been to this day one of the best decisions I could have made for not only my body as a whole but for my day-to-day living and activities as well as for my family life.

Dr. Lee has made a definitive difference in my life along with all the daily lifestyle choices that I make to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.


Thanks Dr. Lee”

—Paul Smith

“When compassion is often missing in our healthcare system, you will find in a Dr. Lee a rare gem. It is this quality that allows him to really listen to his patient’s needs and deliver the best chiropractic care possible for each individual who walks into his office.

Through his ongoing moral, spiritual support and quality care, he has contributed greatly to my ability to maintain my mobility while battling  the degenerating effects of  Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I wish everybody had access to the quality of care offered by Dr. Lee.”
—Renee Schingh